Medicine in Art

Medicine in Art

Vorlauf zur Solinger Ausstellung „Kunstwerk Leben“

Medicine in Art is the sixth in the series that confronts important aspects of life with their artistic interpretation. After history, sport, economy, crime and gender, it is time to examine the inspiration of medicine and the potential appears to be enormous. Medicine is a mine of symbolic references and thus an artists’ paradise. There you can find themes that touch upon all the dilemmas of humanity. There is death and the dream of eternal life. There is physical weakness and psychological strength. There is pain and victory. There is body and soul.


Medicine is a tool that enables man to oppose his looming fate. The human being has been dissected into parts, of which each has a symbolic dimension. At the same time, medicine is an area of inspiring contradictions. It can be a source of agony but also liberation. In its territory, suffering meets compassion. Here, knowledge vies with shamanism and helplessness falls victim to perverse murder. Medicine is a striking narrative about the range of human conditioning, and this is why it has long been an important thematic area for artists.

Our exhibitions from this series always include a few items of art from the past. Because of its ‘timeless’ theme, Medicine in Art will be presenting more works of old art, which we will bring closer to contemporaneity, both through context and interpretation.

(Ankündigung der Ausstellung durch das MOCAK)



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